Dance Marathon 2018 Spirit Week


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Dance Marathon 2018  Spirit Week

Clothing and attire for the spirit days must follow dress code with the following exceptions:

  • Clothing decorated specifically for the spirit day.
  • Spirit day headwear okay; ball caps/visors are not okay.
  • All tops must have sleeves. Tank tops of any kind are not okay.

Monday, February 19 – Patriotic Day

  • Wear anything red, white, or blue!
  • DARE WEEK- Students and teachers agree on a ‘teacher dare’ if goal $$$ is raised by Friday.

Tuesday, February 20 – Hawaiian Day

  • Wear any tropical attire! Examples: Hawaiian shirts, grass skirts, straw hats.

Wednesday, February 21 – Decades Day

Fun Lunches!

  • Dress as if you’re from any decade! Examples: ‘50s poodle skirts, leather jackets…’60s tie dye, peace signs…‘80s rock ‘n’ roll gear.

Thursday, February 22 – Superhero Day

Stuck for a buck (pay $1 to duct tape a faculty/staff member to the wall during lunch)!

  • Dress as your favorite superhero! Examples: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Captain America.

Friday, February 23 – Dance Marathon

3:00-10:00 in the cafeteria!

  • Registration 3:00-4:00. Must have raised at least $40 by 2/22 or $50 by 2/23 to participate.

Not signed up for Dance Marathon? Go to to register!

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