BookIt Changes Again

Preshus Ramdass, Staff Writer

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BookIt is a schoolday morning routine we all know. At 7:30 we pull out the books of our choice and read quietly until 7:50. Many teachers enjoy this time, using it to enjoy a good book themselves. Students, on the other hand, feel iffy about it. The majority of students without their BookIt points say it’s because they don’t have time to read, despite being given twenty minutes a day.

One of the reasons students are given twenty minutes each morning is because of the many who have sports, clubs, and massive amounts of homework to do after school, preventing them from leisurely reading. I, for one, read often. When finished with classwork or bored at home I can pull out an eight-hundred page book and finish it in couple of days if I apply myself to it. But most books have a fraction of those 800 pages and are often chosen by students who rely on the five percent grade credit BookIt once gave to all classes.

Not too long ago, though, BookIt changed significantly. After a parent complaint, BookIt now counts 10 percent of the grade in English and reading classes only. This change alarmed unaware students who saw how their grades lowered or raised. Some students who claim they’ve got no time to read are happy about the change, but for many others it’s angering. Countless students have used BookIt to make it ‘over the edge’ to that low C or high B, and without that five percent in every class, they’re at a higher risk of failing a class or missing out on Honor Roll. For many, that five percent made the difference between passing and failing a class.

The latest BookIt change seems to raise a few questions…but they’re the same questions that have always been raised. If twenty minutes every day is given to us so we could help our grades, doesn’t that mean we should take it upon ourselves to read and take quizzes? If someone is failing a class simply for not reading, isn’t it the student’s fault?

Our grades should be our responsibilities, and I believe that responsible students should be able to use our Bookit points for all of our classes. Despite what the class is called or what it entails, it all has to do with reading, In French, you must read the vocabulary in order to learn; in science you must read the textbook to learn about different organisms; in math, in order to work out any problem you must read the equation and the problem. All classes contain some form of reading. Reading is an everyday occurrence and should be rewarded in every class, not just in English and reading.

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BookIt Changes Again