The Last of August: A Study In Charlotte 2

Raegan Lee, Staff Writer

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The Last of August is the second book in the  A Study in Charlotte trilogy by Brittany Cavallaro. Usually when it comes to movies and books sequels are often regarded as worse than the original. But The Last of August was better than A Study in Charlotte because the characters made more mistakes in deduction and argued more about the solution to the mystery. Characters arguing a lot does not seem like something that can benefit a story, but it can: it progresses stories and relationships.

Our protagonists, James Watson and Charlotte Holmes, are joined with August Moriarty, a descendant of James Moriarty, the archvillain of  the original Holmes stories. The Last of August takes place in Europe, from England to Germany to the Czech Republic, in order to solve the mystery of where Charlotte’s beloved uncle Leander Holmes is. August is constantly questioned throughout the story due to his infamous last name and family connection.

What I loved about The Last of August is that it delved deeper into Charlotte Holmes’ life and family. The book also had a few chapters told from her perspective, which I thought was greatly needed, since she seems like the most complicated character in the series and no other character beside August can truly understand her. And as I had stated above, the constant arguing and deductive mistakes are amazingly beneficial to the development of James’ and Charlotte’s relationship.

Once again, my only problem with The Last of August is the same one I had with A Study in Charlotte: there’s a constant awkwardness between the two protagonists regarding their relationship and even the discussion of their relationship.

Nevertheless, I still recommend this book. I love the characters, stories, and twists within The Last of August, and I am excited for the last book in the trilogy.

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The Last of August: A Study In Charlotte 2