A New Take on the Sherlock Holmes Legend

Raegan Lee, Staff Writer

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A Study in Charlotte is the first book of a trilogy written by Brittany Cavallaro. It a much-needed modern take on the Sherlock Holmes legend, a take meant to appeal to a young adult audience. The story is told through James Watson’s perspective—he’s a descendant of Holmes’ companion Dr. John Watson. Portraying the story in James’ view I think is brilliant because it matches the character’s desire to be an author. The adventure he and Charlotte experience occurs on their elite boarding school campus, Sherringford. Through his point of view we follow him and Charlotte Holmes, a descendant of the great detective Sherlock. They take on their first case together: the mysterious death of a classmate, a death that is pinned on them. Along with the two protagonists, you can actually try to figure out the real culprit.

A Study in Charlotte is a wonderful book. I really liked the characters—they’re all smart and clever. And I especially liked how Charlotte loves the science of deduction—she really gets all into it. I also loved James’ striving to pursue his interest in writing.

The modern spin on the story is the most attractive part of the entire book, and it makes it more appealing that we are able to understand exactly what affects the characters. Also, with the protagonists being teenagers and making mistakes and arguing as they do in the story, the audience, who are expected to be teenagers around the same age as the protagonists, are able to relate much better than they would to the original Sherlock Holmes stories.

The only qualms I have with this book are: first, that I found the constant awkwardness of the relationship between Charlotte and James annoying. I don’t really mind if they’re in a relationship or not, but the back-and-forth of whether or not they are consumes too large a portion of this book that I think is a little too large. And second, the romantic relations and situations between them seems forced.

Other than those qualms I wholeheartedly recommend A Study in Charlotte. It is a great book for mystery lovers and Sherlock Holmes fans alike, and I love the journey it takes the reader on.





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A New Take on the Sherlock Holmes Legend