How to Write a Professional Email

Raegan Lee, Staff Writer

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Dear Email Writing Learner,

Writing a professional email is essential for when you’re writing about a job offer or to a professor or a teacher. If your emails aren’t written professionally, they hinder your chances of getting a job or a scholarship.

Emails in college must be blunt. No thesis, no argument, and no story—just the pure statement or question. When you’re writing to family or friends you may elaborate further and add email emojis. This sounds like common sense but when you start writing an email, trying to get your points across can seem difficult.

Always start off politely and make sure you have a subject line to give a hint about the contents of the email. If you’re talking for the first time to the person you’re emailing, you should introduce yourself.

People usually should have a politely written email. And don’t talk down to whoever you’re writing an email to. State your request or question plainly and briefly. Don’t ramble on.

Ending an professional email is just as important as starting one.  I personally don’t end with a ‘sincerely.’ I usually end with a simple ‘thank you’ and add my contact information.

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How to Write a Professional Email