How to Make Friends in College

Raegan Lee, Staff Writer

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A college campus is an exciting environment to meet new people and network, but the idea of creating new friends often seems difficult, since you probably spent the last four years of high school with the same people as friends.

Making friends in college isn’t really terribly hard, and the number one thing to do is to put yourself out there. If you really want to make friends, be sure to make the initiative. Ask those around you to lunch or to hang out after class. Also start a conversation—you may find that both of you have the same TV show or love the same type of music. This can go the opposite way also. If someone asks you to lunch or starts a conversation, don’t ignore them or turn down the offer. Say yes! A lot of people end up regretting opportunities that they have said no to.

Here’s a classic suggestion: be yourself. It sounds simple enough, and it really can be. If people don’t like you for who you really are, then move onto new people. There is no point in being fake to attract people who would hate you if they knew the real you. Also, if the real you is embarrassing, then use that to your advantage. Doing something embarrassing usually breaks the ice and makes you easier to talk to, and it’s often something that leads to a great friendship.

Know for sure that you’re not going to be friends with everyone. Not everyone will have the same interests as you, so it’s natural that some people will just plain not like you, and that’s something that, in order to make friends you must realize. Being rejected shouldn’t hinder you from trying to create more friendships.

Get involved in clubs. You probably thought you didn’t have to do extracurriculars after high school, but they’re a beneficial way for you to get involved within our community, and an absolute way to meet people who have the same interests as you. If you have a passion for painting and other art forms, join the art club at your college and you’ll meet people who are just as interested in the arts as you are. It’s a sure way of finding like-minded people, and it’s easier finding friends this way.

Be nice. This is another simple suggestion that almost anyone can accomplish. Most people like kind people who are open and aren’t cold and distant. Try to be kind, even if you aren’t that type of person. This will make your life so much easier. People will want to talk to you if you’re kind, and this will usually eliminate you starting the conversation or initiating anything, because people are naturally attracted to kind people and desire to be friends with them over those who are not.


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How to Make Friends in College