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Lit Mag

Be Careful What You Wish For

Dasani Geohagen, Staff Writer

Have you ever thrown a coin in a fountain and wished upon it? Did it work? Probably not, because it was just to get kids to waste their mothers' change. But what if we’re doing it all wrong? What would...  Read More »

Jan 20

The Straits of Aurelion Sol: Part 2 of the Four Elements Saga

Ryan Disney, Staff Writer

The warden stood there with his hands calmly interlocked behind his back. As his gaze shifted from one prison guard to the next, it delivered an eerie feeling inside us all. It felt like he was staring...  Read More »

Nov 10

Prison Break: Part 1 of the Four Elements Saga

Ryan Disney, Staff Writer

Another restless night. I don’t know if I couldn’t sleep because it was beyond freezing in our prison cell or because my mind wouldn’t stop racing. “If Kuzo wasn’t such a fool, we wouldn’t...  Read More »

Sep 16

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