Holiday Travel

The holidays bring out an array of emotion in everyone, both young and old. For some, it's happiness, nostalgia, and joy, while for others it’s stress, anger, and anxiety. For winter break, many people... Read more »


Every Moment Is a Memory

Sydney Schulheis, Staff Writer

I spent this Tuesday night like any self-respecting teen would: attending a jazz concert. Mind you, this was my first “concert.” By that I mean this was the first concert in which I had an assigned seat, the first con...  Read More »

Nov 30

The Legacy

Riley Reynolds, Staff Writer

Growth. One word that carries so much impact, and for a member of the Winged Regiment, makes or breaks a season. Last year I wrote an article titled “From the Field” where I talked about what an amazing experience it ...  Read More »

Nov 21

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Cheating…with a Hidden Meaning

Julia Lyons, Staff Writer

Back in the seventeenth century, a married woman caught sleeping with another man would be publicly shunned, a laughing stock for anyone who dared to approach her. However, today’s society sees the common...  Read More »

Sep 16

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WSRH Extra: November 28

Dec 2

WSRH Mannequin Challenge

November 21, 2016

Why We Dance Marathon: UF Health Shands Hospital Tour

September 30, 2016

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Walking—with Wireless Connection

Raegan Lee, Staff Writer

The Bluetooth connection system could someday be a part of your brain! A monkey that had spinal cord damage was able to walk again because of a wireless connection from the brain to the spinal cord. This...  Read More »

Nov 15

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Lit Mag

The Straits of Aurelion Sol: Part 2 of the Four Elements Saga

Ryan Disney, Staff Writer

The warden stood there with his hands calmly interlocked behind his back. As his gaze shifted from one prison guard to the next, it delivered an eerie feeling inside us all. It felt like he was staring...  Read More »

Nov 10

Prison Break: Part 1 of the Four Elements Saga

Ryan Disney, Staff Writer

Another restless night. I don’t know if I couldn’t sleep because it was beyond freezing in our prison cell or because my mind wouldn’t stop racing. “If Kuzo wasn’t such a fool, we wouldn’t...  Read More »

Sep 16

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